Saturday, June 4, 2011


Maize's Record

What a great photo, here's Maize with President Obama. They've been discussing the country's economic problems and the important solutions that saved us from a financial disaster caused by the previous administration. They used the power of government to transition to a new era.

Look at the Democrats new era of accomplishments in the last two years:

Forty four million Americans on Food Stamps, up 11 Million since President Obama got elected. Are these people grateful to big government and will they be voting for Obama in 2012? Would they rather have jobs or food stamps?

As far as finding a job, good luck with that. This new era of big government has created a special class of citizens, the permanently unemployed.

When these people eventually find jobs and start paying taxes the President has left them with the tab - it's called government debt.

The Obama Administration has been on a debt binge and the charts can't keep up. The total above is now at $2.7 trillion in borrowings.
Who's going to get stuck with the tab - taxpayers. Welcome to the new era.

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