Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MAY 17, 2011 – DIARY NOTE


That Seal Team really got my juices flowing. Two shots and he’s history, I just had to have a round of golf to make my day.

When I got down to Texas I knew the crowd would love some red meat – and I threw them a big hunk – the Republicans, those croc’s in the moot ready to hunt down new immigrants. The crowd went wild. Who needs an immigration plan when you have red meat? I got elected without a plan and I’m gotta get reelected the same way. Just watch me.

I got some bad news today, Donald Trump has pulled out of the race for the Presidency. I sent my donation to his election campaign, wasn’t it enough? I was hopping to run against him, what a show that would have been. My staff has more dirt on him than a few of my ex-friends.

Campaigning is really what I’m best at, just give me a crowd of college students, immigrants or union members and the press goes wild with enthusiasm for my re-election.

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