Sunday, April 24, 2011



Diary entry – April 18, 2011
People are worried about gasoline prices. I’m worried too. I’m going to tell the country my concern on this issue. I’ll blame the ‘speculators’ – they’re an easy mark and it sounds so good – speculation, greed, profits. That's red meat for a Democrat. 

I’ve had several of discussions with our Energy Secretary Chu and he and I agree that we’ll continue the ‘go slow’ on drilling approvals in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve also personally told Saudi oil interests that it’s fine by me if they want to cut back production just slightly – let them get their good price now, in thirty years we’ll all be driving solar cars and the Saudi’s won’t have anyone to buy their oil.

If we could only get gas prices to $6 a gallon people would understand the need for alternative energy. All those people clinging to their big cars, driving all over the country on long weekends. They should stay home and enjoy a family weekend.

Got to go, Michelle and I are off to London for the weekend, got a big wedding to attend.

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