Wednesday, January 4, 2012


President Obama inherited a bad economy and his policies have not improved the situation. All those new jobs created are in the low paying sectors of food service and health care, not in high tech or manufacturing.

Lack of jobs has forced 44 million Americans to accept government assistance. Forty four million people is greater than the population of California (37m). The money to pay for food stamps comes from  government borrowing. The national debt is now 100% of GDP. $15 trillion = $15 trillion.

While 200,000 new jobs a month may seem like a good number, we need to create over 400,000 per month to compensate for the increasing population and lack of job growth during the recession. It took ten years for the labor force participation rate to go from 67% to 64%. It will take at least another TEN years to get back to the levels of the year 2000.

We handed our economy over to the environmentalists and they gave us high gas prices.

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