Sunday, December 11, 2011



While the Republican presidential hopefuls busy themselves with debates the US economy continues to ‘muddle’ through producing a sub par number of jobs and a total workforce in contraction mode. This ‘muddle through’ economy may be about to end and end with a bang. The bang will be a recession that will all but seal the demise of President Obama’a second (hoped for) term.

In another month or two you might ask yourself why you haven’t heard from the hordes of economic forecasters that a recession was in the works. Well, there are a few economic forecasters predicting a recession (if we’re not in one already), but you won’t be hearing about it in the MSM or on CNBC. Recessions are depressing to report and most importantly, the MSM have their long standing liberal bias, sort of like goggles with tiny wholes to prevent snow blindness. Cover your eyes and ears and maybe it will disappear or you may be able to report that, ‘ the recession that started three months ago is nearly over’, you might even get an unexpected thrill up your leg.

That thrill in your leg is going to turn into a severe aneurysm and President Obama will have to explain why another recession was spawned on his watch. Expect the usual suspects. He’ll blame Republicans in Congress, the European debt crisis, the Japanese tsunami, President Bush and of course the rich that won’t pay more taxes. Have I missed anyone?  Finally, it will be full-scale class warfare a la Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. Americans won’t buy the rhetoric, jobs are no substitute for ‘ hope and change’.

 I wish the President well in his final year in office. He’ll be reincarnated as a community organizer, write a few books, give speeches and become almost as wealthy as Bill Clinton. Good luck to him and God Bless America.

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