Thursday, April 21, 2011


Christmas – 2010

I love coming to back to Hawaii, seeing my old school friends and golfing the world’s most scenic courses. I go for a swim in the morning, have breakfast, a short rest and then I’m off to a different golf course every day. What I life. Back in Washington I can’t swim in the ocean and usually wind up playing golf on the same course day after day. Golf gets my mind off the country’s problems. I need time to relax, time to think how best to use our nations resources and make meaningful investments in the future. All I need is more money. I just want to raise taxes on those that can afford to pay –you know, those earning over $250,000. God, those Republicans, you’d think I’d insulted their grandmother the way they howl. But I have a plan, I’ll give them some spending cuts (with one of those opt out letters attached) and they’ll give me my tax (investment) money to spend. God, I felt great spending that first trillion dollars on health care. When I was growing up here in Hawaii I never thought I’d get my hands on a trillion dollars. Warren Buffett called and congratulated me. I talked to Warren for about twenty minutes and he said he’d be happy to pay more in taxes. I just love Warren - and golf.

I thought I'd share one of my favorite golfing photos with you. Look at that swing. I take lessons once a week, I won't tell you the golfers name, but he's a legend in the sport. He flies all the way in from Scottsdale, Arizona for my lesson, what a guy. With his help I've cut two strokes off my handicap.
Got to go, time for golf.

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