Friday, March 25, 2011


We were having our afternoon rest, the rest that gave us the stamina to stay out all night. My bed was comfortable, the air conditioner was at just the right temperature and although not asleep, I was resting peacefully. I assumed David was similarly occupied.

The phone rang, ‘Can you get me some ice?’
‘My back’s playing up.’ David said, and he didn’t want to walk to the Seven Eleven, some beer too and Marlboro in a box. He felt like a drink. He needed the ice for his vodka.  I should come up for a drink.

I got the ice, beer and cigarettes. David’s list of essentials. I’d only looked in the door of his room before. This was my first visit to enjoy the windowless ambiance. It was a good size, four walls, a bathroom, no windows, and a queen size bed. The bed was unmade and beneath the disheveled covers lay a motionless body. A female body. No, she was breathing, I saw the covers move up and down.

‘That’s Nut, great in bed. She works at the Texas Lone Star, she’s the breakfast cook, came over after her shift. You want to try her?’ David was very generous.
‘No thanks, I’ll have a beer. You got her working a double shift? I thought you had her after breakfast this morning?’
‘She needed some extra rent money – a bit short this month.’
I’d bought some chips, so we drank and nibbled on chips for the next two hours. David had a captive audience, and I heard stories of hunting deer in the Pacific Northwest, training dogs, working in sawmills and why he left his first wife. All riveting material when you’re drunk. Our sleeping body groaned and move slightly. There was life in the party. Just after five pm we ran out of beer. David pored a vodka and offered me one.
“Are we going out tonight?’
I’ll need a nap, maybe call you at 7 or 8 when I wake.
‘Great, I’ll get some exercise while your gone.’
‘Say hello to Nut for me, she was great company.’
 I left David and his sleeping body to their aerobics.

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